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Inventory Assistant

A shelf company in Belgium has a number of advantages. Foreign investors who want to purchase such a company can request the services of our lawyers. For more information about shelf companies and acquisition, please contact our experts at:

  1. Inventory Assistant

    Position summary

    Requisition Number 15-3237
    Title Inventory Assistant
    City Deerfield
    State IL
    Zip Code 60015
    At Essendant, we’re working to be the fastest and most convenient solution for workplace essentials. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, innovative and driven associates. If you would like to be part of the team that helps supply essentials that unlock the potential of our partners and those they serve, this is your chance to be involved. Essendant, formerly (United Stationers), is the largest wholesale distributor of business products in North America, with sales in of nearly billion.

    Full benefits Package

    Here at Essendant, we offer our employees a wide-range ofMedical and Dentaloptions, as well asDependant Care Reimbursement AccountsandFlexible Spending Accounts. A work/life balance is essential and we offer it withPaid Vacations/PTOandPaid Holidays. We promote growth by assisting withTuition Reimbursement.

    Price: $ 5


    Deerfield, USA




  3. Systems Engineer

    Position details:

    Harris Corporation is looking for a Systems Engineer responsible for configuring, managing, monitoring, and maintaining government Command and Control (C2) application servers and some network devices. The Systems Engineer will manage the installation, configuration, optimization, and troubleshooting for both network performance and the applications/servers used on a government network for that purpose.

    – Recommend and implement solutions, software packages and tools to improve server and/or network performance and reliability.

    – Evaluate server performance and capacities to identify problem areas or bottlenecks.
    – IAT Level II certification (Security+ with CE).



    O Fallon, USA




  5. Seasonal Loader

    and other functions as needed including
    preparing quick-load items, replenishing shelf stock, and using



    Carol Stream, USA




  7. Network Engineer – ADNS with Security Clearance

    The Automated Digital Network System is the backbone to JMCOMS.
    ADNS uses off the shelf protocols



    Middletown, USA




  9. Procurement Specialist II with Security Clearance

    , awarding and documenting purchases for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) IT hardware, software and related



    Arlington, USA




  11. Administrative Support Technician (Oa)

    ### JOB SUMMARY:

    About the Agency

    **ILLINOIS NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the IllinoisNational Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Candidates who are not currently a member of the IllinoisNational Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the IllinoisNational Guard in the military grade listed in this announcement.**

    Duty Location: 182 AW, Peoria, IL

    Selecting Official: Lt Col Steven Rice

    Open Areas of Consideration: 1, 2, 3 The 1st area of consideration will be permanent and indefinite technicians on board with the 182ndAW/264th CBCS/169th ASOS/182d ASOS. The 2nd area of consideration will be individuals holding membership in the Illinois Air National Guard.



    Peoria, USA




  13. Part-Time Merchandiser – Dekalb, IL (Sat-Sun 15-20 hrs/wk)

    Title: Part time Merchandiser – Dekalb, IL (Sat-Sun 15-20 hrs/wk)
    Location: US-Illinois-DEKALB-IL-2300 Sycamore Rd (9235)
    Job Number: 16000036

    At The Schwan Food Company, we are driven to bring our customers delicious foods and reliable services. That’s how we grew from a “one-man-and-a-truck” delivery business in rural Minnesota to a multibillion-dollar private company with thousands of teammates nationwide. Our commitment to delicious foods shows in all we do, from careful ingredient selection and quality food making to delivering a great background wherever you shop and eat.

    The foods we make reach customers in many ways. We deliver directly to our customer’s homes through our popular food-delivery business, offer well-known retail brands such as Red Baron®, Freschetta®, and Tony’s® pizzas, Pagoda® snacks and appetizers, and Mrs. Smith’s® and Edwards® desserts, and bring innovative food solutions to our customers in the food-service industry. To learn more, visit us at



    Dekalb, USA




My Mom Wanted a Computer

When my mom first asked me about a computer, I thought I had to be hearing wrong. She is nearly 70 years old and has never shown interest in a computer before. I asked her if she really wanted one, and she said that she had read a lot of magazine articles about how people can connect from all over the world. That really interested her, so she wanted a computer to try it out on her own. I had an extra desktop so I checked into Hughes Net plans for her since she lives in the country.

I knew that she would not be able to get cable Internet or DSL because she was just too far out. Continue reading 

Best Deals on Local Home Security

I really would like to have a home security system in my house, so that I will feel more confident that my family is safe. I get these fears that something is going to happen, to my family, when I am not at home, and I am trying to avoid that feeling going forward. Of course, I actually want my family to be protected, as well, and that is why I am reading about local home security companies. I am hopefully going to make a decision on this matter soon, but before I do that, I am going to have to contact a few different security system providers in the area.

I want to make sure that I am getting a top quality security system, but at the same time, I want to make sure that I am getting a great price for the security system. Continue reading 

Fighting Back Against the Criminals of Society

Sometimes, I wonder if the world has gone completely crazy. Based on the behavior of society as of late, it seems as if we’ve reached the pinnacle of our existence, and everything following now will only result in a sharp decline. I’m not alone in my reasoning, because many others have acquired ADT Home Security in Charlotte. Like me, they believe that everyone around them will turn to criminal activity to support themselves, and the rise in criminal activity will lead to more home invasions and burglaries. I’ve seen many news reports about innocent civilians becoming the victim of a crude and callous individual who only wants to burglarize and terrorize.

With the aid of the security system in my home, I can sleep soundly, knowing that if some rogue individual tries to make their way into my home, I have a safeguard that will stop them in their tracks. The system has the technology necessary to capture the individual on film, scare them away, and notify the police. If done quickly enough, the individual can be apprehended before they are able to retreat from my home. Continue reading 

Best Apartments Available in Las Vegas

I would like to find a new apartment to live in, because I am going to move out of the apartment that I am currently living in. I am living with a couple other guys and it just has become a hassle to deal with them. I am going to move on and find my own place. The lease is up soon, so I have been checking online for apartments. I went to click here on a link and found this one site that lets me search for apartments that are available in the area where I live, so that is pretty convenient, I must say.

But I have a tight price range for what I am going to be able to afford. Continue reading 

A Higher Standard Should Be Set

With Cox Cable TV announced as a new cable provider for our area, I can safely say with complete and utter sincerity that most of us here are going to switch over as soon as they open their doors. As long time customers of Comcast, there has been a growing trend of unhappy customers becoming more and more vocal about their complaints. So much so that they actually made a commercial with the idea that they would be able to address them directly by telling us how sorry they were for the recent troubles and that they hoped we would be patient as they took care of them.

Unfortunately, that has yet to happen. That was months ago. For a company to be so large with so much money and with so many customers to call their own, it shouldn’t be too crazy to think or hope that they would be more quick to tackle issues that are impacting customers on this scale. Continue reading 

Party for All My Contacts

Whatsapp on it’s own is a nice app, but with the free Whatsapp hack tool, it becomes so much better. I send a lot of messages to my friends, and often I’ll send out a message to a person that will be the exact message as a message I sent to another person. On my phone, I can send a message to different people at once, but the number of people I can send it to is limited, meaning I have to send the message more than once. This all changed once I downloaded the tool. Now I can use the app to send the message to as many people as I want, including everyone on my contact list. I have over 200 people on my contact list, so that’s a lot of messages that nee to be sent.

I tested out the new tool by sending everyone in my contacts a message that I’m having a party. The app sent he message to all 200 something people, and they all replied back telling me whether or not if they could come. Continue reading 

Jack Cards Inc

  1. Jack Cards Inc Reviews

    Lansing Charter Township
    3490 Belle Chase Way
    Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (1 Reviews)

    Review by Janet E.
    I first found out about Jack Cards from Groupon. The deal was for worth of cards, which ultimately bought me six cards. Jack Cards has been…
    Rating: 4

  2. El Sombrero Reviews

    4230 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
    Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (9 Reviews)

    Review by Talal B.
    Best service in town of any type of restaurant!
    And excellent food!
    Rating: 5

    Review by Holly N.
    Best Tex-Mex breakfast in town and, perhaps, the best Tex-Mex breakfast ever! My parents literally stop in here for breakfast almost every weekend and, on…
    Rating: 5

    Review by Stephanie M.
    Great food. Have loved it for years. But I came there the other night and they were closed early (again). Businesses that cannot and do not keep regular…
    Rating: 1

  3. Impression 5 Science Center Reviews

    200 Museum Dr.
    Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (10 Reviews)

    Review by Wanda L.
    They actively clean the toys and water shoes here. Kids water area great place for the little ones to play and cool off. It’s air conditioned unlike the…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Jasen F.
    The four stars are for:

    1. Air conditioning
    2. Education & Science
    3. My kick-ass daughter enjoying herself
    4. Nice staff

    It is older. My love said it…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Frank R.
    Easily among the best ways to enjoy ! Much like the scene in Step Brothers where Dale and Brennan make bunk beds, I was excited by being able to…
    Rating: 5

Taking the Wine Taste Test

Recently I went to the best winery in NJ, and they helped me make my own wine. I went to the winery with the intention of picking out a simple wine to taste for the evening, but I was surprised by what I discovered. I wasn’t sure what kind of wine I should make, so I decided to make a little white and red. I decided to try the wine at home by myself before sharing it with anyone else. If the wine was bad, I would simply discard it and try again. If the wine was good, I would let my friends taste it.

I sat down in the evening to have a glass of the wine. Continue reading 

Why You Want SEO Experts Developing Your Domain

Remember a few years ago when you had a relative, neighbor or friend build your first business website? Maybe you did it yourself as a small business owner. It happens all the time. It is easy to get a web domain established, and there is software to make website building kind of easy. Most hosting companies have very easy to use template based site building options. You might have a cool looking site but no traffic. There is a reason for that, and that is why companies like New York SEO are in business. It is all about Search Engine Optimization.

You can have a real slick looking website, but then get very little potential customer traffic. Continue reading 

Even More Fun with Trivia Crack

I started playing Trivia Crack after my brother told me about it. I am not really one for playing games a lot, but this one does hold my attention. I guess it is probably because my brother and I can get pretty competitive, but it is also because we grew up playing trivia games in our house. I played just with my brother at first, but then I started playing with others, which meant that my lives were getting used up even quicker. I did a search for Trivia Crack more lives to see if there was a way that I could regenerate the lives a lot quicker than what the game was doing already.

I was happy to find a site that had instructions on how to go about this. The great thing is that it did not cost me any money to do this, and it was quite easy as well. Continue reading 

Braces Should Be Covered by Insurance

At 30 years old I find myself with less than a perfect smile. Until now this hasn’t been much of a problem. A few people here and there over the years might have commented or questioned why I never had braces. I still don’t know exactly why it is that my mother thought I would be best served by not having braces but I soon got over the fact that I wouldn’t have perfect teeth going into high school unlike so many of my friends. Only now am I contacting so I can do something about it. It’s going to be awkward having braces but it’s better than having them all pulled.

Which is exactly what my friend Adam suggested I do instead. To that I can only say that he must be some sort of masochist if he thinks that would be any sort of procedure to consider as a viable option. Continue reading 

Find Someone That Knows Their Stuff

My son has been addicted to nicotine for nearly half of his life at this point. He came to me the other day, knowing that I had experience with addiction and asked me to help him get over it. As much as I wanted to help him, the truth of the matter was that I just knew nothing about nicotine addiction or any of the alternatives out there. So I decided to do a little digging and look for a place that I could ask some questions. I found E Cig Zone, a local shop near me that has all sorts of nicotine supplements. As the name suggests, they specialize in selling those E-cigs which are basically cigarettes with all of the nasty things taken out. Continue reading 

Test this Content page– Getting The Most Out Of Network Marketing: A Few Easy Tips

When you are first dealing with a potential client, the first thing they may hear is the message on your answering machine. Maximize the potential of this. A message that will leave a good first impression is concise, germane, instructive, and upbeat. Make sure your message specifies the information you want them to leave, and if at all possible, tell them when they can expect to hear back from you. It is wise to use social networking as a part of your plan for affiliate marketing. Start building a network of potential customers by creating pages or groups related to your products or industry. Create single pages for every product, and post all of them on social networking websites. You can outsource work to another company while you are engaged in network marketing. You might not have the resources or manpower at your disposal for this kind of advertising. Farming out some responsibilities lets you focus on what’s important, leaving the outsourcing firm to do what they do best.

You need to stay within a certain budget in order to make a profit. This is extremely important, not only to ensure that you do not dry up your resources, but also to be sure that you are putting enough money into furthering your business. Having a budget will help you to better understand your expenses, and give you guidelines to work from.

You should develop a well thought out business plan, but be sure to be flexible in the face of unexpected developments. Be aware of what needs to be done each month, and then adjust this according to what you are actually capable of doing. Your business plan can help you identify and close any gaps between your goals and your actual performance, so that you can actually make money.

Do not try to overcome every obstacle by yourself. Look for resources, get in touch with the company your work with for assistance. If you don’t realize that you need help, or don’t want to acknowledge the fact, you may be unsuccessful in the long run. Make sure you state your problem clearly and don’t wait to get help. Visualizing your success is really important when it comes to network marketing. That may seem overly simple, but in network marketing, it’s important to be able to visualize the future. After all, your future network size has a lot to do with how successful you will be in this field. Using positive visualization has been effective for many people in network marketing. Network marketing should be run as a business, with the same professionalism. A lot of the marketers who fail do so because they don’t have their whole heart in it. Successful network marketing requires a great deal of effort and a willingness to apply the same amount of dedication as you would to a full-time job. To start off on the right foot, be sure to learn as much about network marketing as you can.

You should be prepared to listen to what other network marketers have learned. One of the best ways to do this nowadays is through podcasts. You may find something quite worthwhile to you if you just take the time to sample listen to some.

Seek out network marketing forums and other online sources to keep yourself up-to-date on industry developments. In online forums, you can find people that are totally willing to give expert advice to help you learn about network marketing. You can also make useful business connections on these forums, so don’t be shy about striking up conversations. A business plan is an important element in network marketing. Come up with specific goals and determine how you will attain them. Figure out things like how many people you need to buy your product and what kind of marketing campaign you’re going to use.

It is crucial that you have a good understand of the products you are selling. If you do not have knowledge and enthusiasm for what you are doing, you will not be able to inspire those same feelings in others. This can determine whether you succeed or fail in network marketing, as you should sustain perseverance at all times.

Do as much research as possible about your particular product. The passion and excitement you have about your products shows through to readers in all of the marketing materials you put together. They will see how much you love your product, and the probability will rise that they will join up. Being knowledgeable about a product also makes your own testimonials seem more sincere. If you are participating in network marketing, you must always make sure you focus on the needs of your customers. If your customers are unhappy, your business will crash fast. Only talk about 20% of the time. Spend the other 80% of the conversation listening.

Xtend Barre

International Barre Workout Invites Franchisees to Join Their Existing Network

Contribution Link from Advertiser to do with Superlenny -

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2014

Xtend Barre, the revolutionary international fitness method that uses a traditional ballet barre to provide a full-body workout, announces the expansion of their franchising efforts in New York and Miami with additional markets in the near future. Xtend Barre will be inviting new franchisees to join the existing network of 50 franchisees in 16 markets. The franchising opportunity is open to individual owner/operators as well as multi-unit business developers who would like to diversify their business networks to include the ever-growing health industry.

A worldwide fitness industry leader in Barre, Xtend Barre has shown impressive growth with over 182 licenses awarded in 18 countries, and the brand expects to add 75 franchisees to their system over the next three years.

Xtend Barre is a trend-setting business model within the global fitness industry, which provides unparalleled investment opportunity and is one of the fastest growing industries today.

Xtend Barre is a leader in their niche market of barre workouts and part of a booming boutique fitness market, making it a simple business model to operate and develop. Xtend Barre offers individual owner/operators and multi-unit business developers the chance to be a part of this thriving market, while being connected to a widely popular worldwide brand with robust corporate support.

Xtend Barre studios offer the classic Xtend Barre 55-minute class geared to challenge bodies of any age, gender or fitness background. Additionally, each studio has the option of offering 11 variations of the classic Xtend Barre class, including Babies on Board, Xtend Barre Stick Fusion, and Xtend Yoga Fusion. Franchisees also have access to quarterly content refreshment, online continuing education and continuing education workshops.

Due to these unique offerings, Xtend Barre is quickly becoming a leading franchisor and licensor of group exercise studios and cutting-edge fitness content on a global scale, as well as one of the fastest growing companies in the womens centric group training and entertainment category.


Originally launched in Florida in 2009 by professional dancer Andrea Rogers, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates. In just over three years, Xtend Barre has rapidly expanded to over 170 locations around the world. The Xtend Barre workout has been sought after by national spa and fitness centers and Pilates devotees from the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Paris, London and Canada. Clients range from new enthusiasts to seasoned fitness pros and include men, women, teens, Pilates practitioners, professional athletes, celebrities, and dancers. The Xtend Barre method is best summarized by a long-time client: “If Pilates sculpts your body, Xtend Barre chisels it.”


We are able to arrange one-on-one interviews with the following members from Xtend Barre.

Xtend Barre Founder, ANDREA ROGERS.

Xtend Barre International Director and Studio Owner of Sydney and Drummoyne, AUS, ROCKELL WILLIAMSON-RUDDER.

Xtend Barre Marketing Director and Studio Owner of Rochester Hills, MI and Scripps Poway, CA, ANGIE NOBILE.

Xtend Barre Studio Owner of Brooklyn Heights, NY, KRISTINE STORIE.

For more information, please visit:

Twitter – @Xtend_Barre

Instagram – @xtend_barre

Facebook – @XtendBarre

Media Contact: Flora Theden of Brandsway Creative


Office: 212.966.7900

Stage 28

A certain amount of Stylish stage Photographs

  1. Stage 28
    Image by kevin dooley
    Stage 28 at Universal Studios is the famous "Phantom of the Opera" stage. I had posted a treated version of this pic in the fall, but I like the raw version too.

    Random Partner Blogroll associated with Guts Casino -
    Guts Casino

    Despite its awesome history, this pic captures a more mundane portion of the building, the entrance to the womens bathroom. Yep, that was as much as I saw of Studio 28…

  2. stage door
    Image by slimmer_jimmer
    The Stage Door of the Old Vic theatre. Walked past on my way to Silverprint to buy some film, and the light was on but there was still some colour in the sky.

    Am pretty pleased with this one and my two from the young vic.

    Lomo LCA + my neon/low light roll of Agfa Precisa 100 + xpro

Benny Benassi

  1. Benny Benassi
    Event on 2015-01-01 21:00:00

    From the producers of Global Dance Festival, Decadence, Skylab, Caffeine and Hallow Freakn Ween, Global Dance alongside Beta Nightclub kicks off the weekend with the planets leading high-energy artists and pushes the limit of your NRG!

    Cognition & T-Rav
    Marshall Monica
    Sang Dinh
    Sergio Santana
    + local guest DJ appearances

    Denver's very own elite mash-up crew running for over 6 years strong, Klutch Beat, featuring Beverli Trillz & Suk with local weekly guests.

    Call :: 303.437.3011
    Email ::

    A new era in club culture has commenced. With meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on the future, we aim to make Beta the best nightclub in North America.

    Funktion-One sound, the best sound youll ever feel
    State of the art LED installations
    Bone-chilling Kryogenifex production
    Extraordinary full-color lasers

    Breathtaking lighting and lasers provided by JUSTIN RYAN
    VIP Bottle Service provided by LADYJ AND THEDOLLHOUSE
    GO-GO dancers and performance art provided by MS EASY
    Incredible visuals provided by VJ AEONCHILD & VJ BASQUEZ

    #1 Club in America | Rolling Stone, 2013
    Top 100 Clubs in the world |, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
    #1 Club in the US |, 2013
    Best Dance Club | Westword, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 & 2009
    Best Dance Club | Denver 7's A-List, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010
    Top 25 Nightclub of All Time | #20 ::, 2012
    Venue of the Year | 303 Magazine, 2011
    Top Nightclub | 5280 Magazine, 2010
    Best New Club | Club World Awards, 2009


    ***By purchasing tickets online, you allow Beta Nightclub permission to send updates on future events***

    at Beta
    1909 Blake Street
    Denver, United States

  2. Garth Brooks
    Event on 2015-01-15 19:00:00

    The electrifying return of America's most powerful concert force, Garth Brooks, is set to make his first Oklahoma appearance at BOK Center on the World Tour and his first time in Tulsa in over 17 years! Brooks, with support of Trisha Yearwood, will stop at BOK Center January 15-17.

    Tickets for the general public for all shows will be available starting Friday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. at or by calling 1-866-7-BOKCTR. There will be no sales at the Arby's Box Office at BOK Center or ticket outlets on November 14. 8 ticket limit per person. Select seats protected with paperless delivery.

    Please go to to register, if you don't currently have an account, for a quicker purchasing experience.

    at BOK Center
    200 South Denver
    Tulsa, United States

  3. 2nd Annual Cleopatras 2015 New Years Eve Ball
    Event on 2014-12-31 21:30:00 Presents…

    2nd Annual

    New Years Eve Ball

    at the Fabulous Fox Theatres Egyptian Ballroom

    Walk like an Egyptian and Celebrate New Years Eve 2015 in style at the Fabulous Fox Theatres World Famous Egyptian Ballroom. Atlanta's Best DJs will be spinning Top 40, house, and hip-hop mash-ups all night alongside a spectacular light show, with sexy Cleopatra's, Egyptian Queens and Pharaoh's mixing your favorite drinks at our premium open bars all night!

    Here is a glimpse of what awaits you:

    4 Hour Premium Open Bar All Night: With 10 fully staffed bars serving premium cocktails all night long.

    VIP Table Packages: Includes express entry, your own private table, exclusive access to Cleopatra`s VIP Lounge with a Premium Open Bar serving all night, and premium bottles of champagne! (Limited tickets available).

    A laser and light show that will dazzle 21st century Hieroglyphics

    Top of the line sound system

    3 rooms, 2 dance floors

    DJs rocking' the house with the best Club Mix: Hip Hop, House and Top-40

    Large outdoor heated terrace with DJ's and bars

    Valet parking (at the Georgian Terrace Hotel across the street)

    The BIGGEST & MOST popular New Year's Eve PARTY in Atlanta

    1 Spectacular Countdown with Giant Wall Projection and much more!


    Partner Contribution from Partners in regard to Guts Casino :
    Guts Casino

    Additional Details:

    Music Style: The Ultimate Club Mix | 2 rooms of Music

    Age Requirement: 21

    Dress Code: Upscale / Dress to Impress

    Door: Presale Tickets Guarantee Entry. Event Will Sell Out. Early arrival is highly recommended.

    Event Times: 9:30pm 1:30am

    Atlantas most anticipated event this New Year's Eve is expected to sell out in advance. Limited tickets may be available at the door.

    : | All Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Prices subject to change while supplies last.

    at Fabulous Fox Theatre
    660 Peachtree Street NE
    Atlanta, United States

Guide to Downgrade Your IDevice

It seems like every year there are new updates to every piece of technology, whether you are talking about a computer, a cell phone, or even a gaming console. Some of these times they release new technology that really makes the experience better, but sometimes the software updates can be more of a hindrance than a help. In fact, sometimes the new operating systems or software flat out prevent people from doing the same things they are used to doing with the old version. This is the case with iOS 8, but provides a way to get back to the old version.

A lot of this controversy within smartphones involves things like jailbreaking. Continue reading 

Attorney Brian Beckcom Files Lawsuit Against Edison Chouest and Chevron on Behalf of Captain Wren Thomas Over Piracy Attack in West Africa

Brian Beckcom of Houston-based law firm VB Attorneys, who represented half the crew of the Maersk Alabama who were attacked by Somali pirates in 2009, is representing Captain Thomas, who was kidnapped off his ship in the Gulf of Guinea and held hostage, tortured, and malnourished for 18 days.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Captain Wren Thomas, an American ship captain, has filed a lawsuit (1) against his employer as a result of a piracy and kidnapping event that occurred one year ago off the Coast of West Africa.

The lawsuit claims that while working as a boat captain in the region of West Africa for Edison Chouest Offshore, pirates removed Thomas from his vessel at gunpoint on October 23, 2013. Thomas was taken into the jungles of West Africa, where he was tortured, malnourished, and held prisoner by the pirates for eighteen days. The lawsuit also claims that Edison Chouest ignored a request from Captain Thomas to transfer out of Nigerian waters after Captain Thomas received specific threats from Nigerian pirates.

Captain Thomas is represented by Brian Beckcom of VB Attorneys, a personal injury law firm based in Houston, Texas. Mr. Beckcom also represented the crew of the Maersk Alabama (2) after Somali pirates attacked them in 2009. That ordeal was made into a Hollywood blockbuster called Captain Phillips and starred Tom Hanks as Captain Phillips.

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The lawsuit, filed in the 125th Harris County District Court, cause number 2014-60458, states that Edison Chouest was not only aware of the dangerous conditions in the Gulf of Guinea, but that Edison Chouest failed to take adequate steps to provide appropriate levels of security and safety for their employees, including Captain Thomas.

According to Mr. Beckcom, We intend to show that Edison Chouest knew of a general threat of piracy in the region, knew of specific threats to Captain Thomas, had their vessels attacked shortly before Captain Thomass kidnapping, and failed to take appropriate steps to protect its employees in the region. And we will prove that during his 18 days of captivity and even up to the current day, Gary Chouest has never once reached out to Captain Thomas.

To learn more about this case, read the lawsuit, or stay abreast of continuing developments in this litigation, visit

Case Numbers:

1. Texas 2014-60458, 125th Harris County District Court

2. Alabama 02-CV-2012-900747-90, Circuit Court of Mobile County and Texas 2009-64336, 164th Harris County District Court

About VB Attorneys:

Based in Houston, Texas, VB Attorneys handles cases all over the world. The three Board Certified attorneys and their team of associate attorneys have successfully handled many high-profile work-related fatality and injury cases over the years, including work accidents occurring both on land and on water. To learn more about VB Attorneys, visit our website or call us at 877.724.7800.

Whoa ! ? ! !– Become A Soccer Expert With This Advice

Folks the world over have long recognized the physical benefits and sheer excitement the sport of soccer can offer. Perhaps you have yet to discover the joy and exhilaration that playing and watching soccer may bring to your life. Keep on reading to learn more about the game and to see if it may be the sport for you.

Try not to stare at the ball. When you are playing soccer, you have to look up at all times. This is the only way you will be able to pass or shoot. This may seem very awkward, but you will get used to this as you keep playing the game. Always play the ball quickly. Regardless of the position you are in, you should think quickly and pass the ball to a player who is in a better position as soon as you can. Help the team build an attack by running forward and preparing yourself to get the ball again.

Always keep your eyes open. If you are fortunate enough to get the ball, pass it to the person that you think can advance toward the goal, even if that is not you. Be selfless in order to help your team win. However, in order to follow this piece of advice, you have to be vigilant and know what is happening on the field at all times. One of the first things you should learn when playing soccer is how to juggle the ball. Begin by kicking the ball vertically in the air. As the ball begins to fall, strike the ball using the top of your thigh to knock it back vertically into the air. Finally, hit the ball with the top of your head and then repeat. This sequence help you learn how to hit the ball no matter what angle the ball is coming to you at.

There are many options for attaching shin guards. Most guards can be attached with Velcro. These kinds of shin guards are easy to get on and remove. You also have more control over how tight your shin guards are with velcro.

Even though soccer equipment is very expensive, you need it in order to be completely safe while you play. If you buy sub-par equipment, or if you fail to buy something that you need, you may get injured. Hospital bills will cost a lot more than the cost of decent equipment.

Make sure you’re practicing with your weak foot, too. A lot of soccer players will only shoot with their stronger foot, but whenever they switch the ball from their weaker foot to their stronger foot, the defenders are more likely to steal the ball. Being able to shoot the ball with both of your feet allows you to be a better player. Try shooting with your weakest foot. You may not always be able to kick with your dominant foot. You can save valuable time by simply kicking with the weaker one. This will make you a more well-rounded player. If you want to be a great soccer mom, you must make it a point to attend your child’s games as often as possible. Simultaneously, you should be certain your child is secure enough to enjoy playing on the occasions when you are not there. A good soccer player plays for the team, him or her self and for supporters, in that order.

Communication is very important on the soccer field. Using short words or phrases, like “turn,” can help you and your teammates play a more cohesive game. In particular, being verbal as the pace of the game picks up can really help you to “play smarter” and eventually win the game.

Because soccer involves a lot of running, you should ensure you incorporate plenty of cardiovascular exercise. You must be in great shape so that you can outlast your opponents. You should also ensure you workout your legs thoroughly so that you can sprint faster and kick the ball harder. Use compound exercises, such as squats, lunges, and presses, in order to work multiple leg muscles.

Practice protecting the soccer ball from opponents. Use your body as a barrier between the ball and your opponent. Keep control of the ball by kicking it with the inside of your foot. While practicing, try dribbling the ball in a square while your opponent tries to get it away from you. If you’re down midfield then you need to look to what’s going on in both sides of the field. Be prepared to get the ball from a player on one end and immediately get it transferred to the other. You must know what’s going on around you at all times and where every player is on the field.

Learn to react quickly. Soccer can be challenging for anyone who is not properly conditioned. By learning how to react quickly, you can make the shot before the goalie has time to think about getting into position to block the shot. This can result in many extra scores during a game. Always play the ball quickly. Regardless of the position you are in, you should think quickly and pass the ball to a player who is in a better position as soon as you can. Help the team build an attack by running forward and preparing yourself to get the ball again.

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    While the backstory is inventive and creative enough to earn the app a download, what makes Doctor Spin truly stand out is that in order to collect Zetas, gamers must spin their device around. Its a totally new way for gamers to play on and play with their iPhone, and it stands to usher in a new genre of creative arcade apps.

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    My personal Analysis– The Impact Of A Personal Bankruptcy On Your Credit

    Many people look down on people who have to file for bankruptcy, and then find themselves in the same situation. Illness, extended unemployment and other financial hardships can result in a devastating financial situation. If filing for bankruptcy is your only choice, educate yourself on the process. Bankruptcy is something no one wants to experience. People who declare bankruptcy usually have no other options left available. If you have found yourself facing bankruptcy, this article can help you know what you should do.

    If the stress of debt collectors calling you constantly is getting too much, filing for bankruptcy can end this immediately. There is no doubt that carrying a huge debt load takes an emotional toll. Bankruptcy protection may be a good way to keep things under control while you sort out your financial difficulties.

    If you owe money on taxes, don’t look at bankruptcy as a way to avoid paying. It’s not uncommon for some people to assume they can pay the tax amount owed with credit cards, and then use bankruptcy to hide behind. This is done with the hope of evading taxes by shifting the balance to a credit card account. However, this is already expressly forbidden in bankruptcy law, and you will be stuck with the taxes and the interest that is accruing on the credit card. When you feel certain that you must file for personal bankruptcy, refrain from squandering your life savings to pay off unsecured debt. No matter what you do, do not touch your personal savings unless there is no other option. Dipping into savings may need to happen, just don’t totally wipe it out, or you might not have much financial security later. It is an unfortunate fact that the topic of bankruptcy is quite common nowadays. The economic downturn has played a large role. You need to educate yourself so that you can make wise decisions when it comes to filing bankruptcy. If you read this article, you will learn what you need to know.

    Before you file, make the choice to be fiscally reliable. Do not take on more debt or use more of your current credit. Judges may take into account your current credit history, in addition to your past credit history, when considering your bankruptcy case. Your current spending behavior should show that you are making a real effort to modify your financial habits. Find a bankruptcy lawyer that has a good reputation in the area you live in. Locating an attorney here is only half the battle though. You also need to make sure that they’ll meet with you free of charge. If they do, make an appointment to see them and get all pertinent financial documents or statements together, so you will have them ready to take with you. They will surely fill you in about how to go about the entire process.

    If you are moving forward with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need to learn how that can negatively affect anyone who shares loans with you. Debts that involved a co-signer can be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Sadly, this will not be the case for your co debtor. Your creditors may simply turn their attention to your hapless acquaintance.

    As you now know, you have plenty of assistance available for filing bankruptcy. When you handle it correctly, a bankruptcy can resolve a great number of your financial troubles and enable you to start turning your life around.

    If financial distress is making you depressed an internet support group for bankruptcy may help. Bankruptcy subjects you to a lot of stress. When you’re out with people you know, it may make you feel out of place. The internet lets you talk to others who have survived bankruptcy and benefit from their experiences. If you’re feeling immense stress due to creditors constantly calling, filing personal bankruptcy could immediately stop this. Being buried under loads of debt can be emotionally stressful. Bankruptcy may be a way for you to keep stress from getting you down while you are trying to fix your financial problems.

    Think carefully about your different options before filing for bankruptcy. For example, consumer credit counseling services can often help you figure out a workable repayment plan with creditors. You could even negotiate for lower payments. However, you should ensure that you always obtain a written record of all the changes to your debt that you’ve agreed to. Before proceeding with your bankruptcy, it’s a good idea to start spending ample time with the people you care about most. Going through a bankruptcy is never easy. It is often overwhelming, and not quick. Some people may feel embarrassed or feel their self-esteem has taken a beating from it. Some people do not even want to speak with others until the bankruptcy is official. Isolating yourself from your loved ones can lead to feelings of depression. This is the reason that you need to take the time out to spend time with everyone you love despite what your financial situation is. People think that filing for bankruptcy means they have to say goodbye to future good credit standings. While that is kind of true, your score might be superior to the credit score you had before you filed. After having filed for bankruptcy, it is important that you make timely payments in order to rebuild your credit scores.

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      Something that I find out– Marketing Your Business To The Social Networks

      Run a contest or sweepstakes on your social media site that people can enjoy, either from the comfort of their computer chair or by visiting your brick-and-mortar locations. Use your products as the prize for the winners of your contest. This allows you to strengthen the bond with your current customers and spread the word about your business.

      If an item isn’t important, interesting or relevant, it is not a worthy post. Your business should use Facebook to post only the most useful and intriguing ideas. Do not just share content to do it. Share some things you find to be factual, interesting, or exciting. Be sure people wish to be made aware of this. Don’t post stuff you would find in gossip magazines or tabloids, such as “Which Sex and the City character are you?” quizzes.

      If you own or run a home or small business, don’t let technology replace you in social media. When you use an auto responder, it can actually backfire, you want to add a personal feel that your customers can appreciate. Poorly-formatted messages sent out automatically are often regarded as spam. Few people will be interested in following you if you develop a reputation for spamming. You can promote your products by organizing chat sessions where you answer your customers’ questions. This is also a prime opportunity to educate prospective clientele about what you have available. Since the sessions are interactive, they can make your business feel more personal and relevant to the visitor.

      Use Facebook as a way to develop relationships, not customers. If you are only logging on to Facebook to post another ad for your business, you are going to get disliked quickly, but if you log on and add interesting snippets of information about your community, you will get many likes quickly. Social media can be used to build anticipation for upcoming product launches and promotions. A few months ahead of time, inform your followers about the upcoming event you are planning. When you are finally ready to launch new services and products, you will have already created interest and your audience will be excited about it.

      A photo submission contest is a fun way to get the word out about people who use your brand. Including your brand, tell your users that they will receive a prize for the photo that is most creative. This will help others to see your page as the users post them, they will be exposing your company. As you can see, starting your own social media marketing efforts can be easy. If you educate yourself and use your resources wisely, social networking websites can become a powerful tool in your advertising toolbox. The above advice should put you well on your way to social-media- marketing success. Your social media presence will not be successful if nobody visits your profile or wants to read your content. Before publishing content, you should first verify that it is free of errors, and also that it is interesting and relevant. For a finishing touch of quality, put some effort into composing memorable headlines and sub-headlines for your posts.

      When you get started marketing your web site through a Facebook page, resist the urge to post any more than three entries each day. Customers start to get annoyed if they get constant company updates throughout the day. Try limiting your posts to a total of three informative, relevant and interesting items per day. If you decide to use YouTube for videos, be sure there is a link back to your site, as well as buttons for Facebook or Twitter. Getting YouTube users to follow you on Facebook or Twitter is particularly interesting because they are more likely to share your videos.

      Being a good listener is critical to success at social media marketing. Your customers and your followers want to feel as though they are being heard. When people comment on your posts or write to your social media profiles, always try to respond and let them know that you received the message and they were heard. The tips you just read can help you make an impression on social media sites. By incorporating these ideas into your social media marketing campaign, you are sure to witness the uptick in customer volume your business gets. When you are determined to take the time to work on it, social media can result in huge benefits.

      Always give your site visitors a way to subscribe to you so they may follow you on sites like Twitter and Facebook. People are practically addicted to these social media sites. Many will check in multiple times daily and this gives them instant access to your business!

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        Warner Pacific College Names New Assistant Vice President of the Adult Degree Program

        Warner Pacific College welcomes Dr. Lori K. Jass as the new Assistant Vice President for the Adult Degree Program (AVP/ADP).

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        Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

        Warner Pacific College welcomes Dr. Lori K. Jass as the new Assistant Vice President for the Adult Degree Program (AVP/ADP). The position provides key leadership and oversight to the Colleges vibrant Adult Degree Program, which has been providing excellence in education for more than 20 years.

        After completing a thorough application process coordinated by Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Dr. Cole Dawson, Dr. Jass has accepted the position and will begin her service at Warner Pacific College in early August.

        Dr. Jass has served in various capacities at Bethel University in Minnesota since 1995, and currently works as the Dean of Academic Affairs at Bethel University for the College of Adult & Professional Studies/Graduate School. In addition, Jass also teaches in the Adult & Professional Studies program as well as in the traditional program through the College of Arts and Sciences.

        Dr. Jass brings a diverse background to her position at Warner Pacific, spanning multiple disciplines. Jass earned her B.A. in theatre arts from Bethel University, attended University of Minnesota Graduate School for graduate work in theatre arts, completed a M.A. degree in Theological Studies at Bethel Theological Seminary, and earned her Ed.D. in Leadership and Administration from University of St. Thomas School of Education.

        Dr. Jass will bring a wealth of experience in higher education administration to her new role at the College, said Warner Pacific President, Dr. Andrea P. Cook. We welcome her enthusiasm, expertise, and creative ideas for further development of the Adult Degree Program.

        Founded in 1937 in Spokane, Washington, as Pacific Bible College, Warner Pacific is a Christ-centered, urban, liberal arts college dedicated to providing students from diverse backgrounds an education that prepares them to engage actively in a constantly changing world.